Tuesday, October 26, 2010

With Ramadan over, life in N. Africa was supposed to return to its "normal" routine. But for me, this past month proved to be anything but! From embarking on an extended "field trip" to a local hospital, to joining in the festivities at a tradition-rich wedding, I was able to delve deeper into N. African culture...and realize more fully how far from "routine" daily life is here. Each day holds something unexpected (so much so that only an unusual day would NOT be unusual!)

But each day is also predictable, in that it serves to peel back another layer of the nuances of what's considered "normal" by N. African standards...and teach me something new about not just how N. Africans "act," but how they think, how they perceive themselves and others, and how they view their very culture itself.

Click this link to check out pictures from the month...